Thursday, August 10, 2006

For 18 and above

Asian Finest, all about obsession for asian sexiest, most forumers are Asians like Chinese, Korean, Malaysian, Singaporean, Filipino etc. (signature allowed)
Asian Finest

Music, Entertainmen Forums

US based Korean fanatics (mixed group) --signature allowed

Tech forums

Philippines Mac User Group (signature allowed)

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

SEO, Adsense, Earn Online Forums

Earners Forum-- new forum that caters to those earning income through web business
Earner's Forum

One of the best forum about adsense, SEO, Monetization etc. (Signature possible)

Sitepoint is an all around online site with an informative forum. Features website making, optimization etc. (Signature possible)


Candymag is an online site of the teen magazine in the Philippines. (signature possible, but Control panel still not active) . Their forum is calle d Teentalk.

Country's best

Pinoyexchange: Filipino forum that is very famous (high traffic), talks about anything under the sun! (no signature but you can advertise after your post)

Women Forums

Femalenetwork (PH) caters to women, topics ranging from beauty, movies, music, faith, food, fashion, travel, etc. Usual age range 18-35

Caters older women with wider selection of topics (US)


This is based in Singapore, mostly about cosmetics, beauty, fashion etc.


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